Worship Preparation for November 8

November 5, 2020

We will continue our series this Sunday on the church.  We will complete this series on November 22 and then begin together the wonderful and joyful celebration of Advent.  Dustin will be preaching this Sunday from  1 John 4:7-21 as we remember that the call and command of Jesus to His church is that we must love one another, but where does this love come from?  Is it just something that we are commanded to do and just work at it?  This text from 1 John is most essential for the church in relationship to what it means biblically to love one another.  

Anne and I will be in Macon able this Sunday to witness our grandson's baptism into Christ and the flellowship of Ingleshide Baptist Church.  We rere grateful for the privilege to be there on Sunday and then to be a part of the meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention meeting on Monday.