Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion

November 11, 2020

It is so very different this year, and so very hard to think of the holiday season without so much that is such a part of the season.  Well, it is at least hard for me.  Advent and Christmas revolves for me around several events:  going to the Operation Christmas Child warehous to work, I always get really stirred emotionally when I am there and will not be there this year, serving the Lord's Supper to brothers and sisters who cannot get out of their homes and I will not get to do that this year, being in the room when we worship God through our Festival of Lessons and Carols and we will not be doing that, and it all comes to a real crescendo for me when we gather for our Christmas Eve candlelight communion service, and WE WILL BE DOING THAT (HOPEFULLY) THIS YEAR.  

Here is the current plan:  Weather permitting we will meet outside on the grassy lot and gather in families.  We will read Scripture, pray, sing and observe the Lord's Supper and then light the beautiful lights of Christmas.  We will most likely move the time to 5 or 5:15.  Stay tuned for that.  Pray for good weather that night.  And be grateful for those who have already agreed to help put in place what we need to make this a meaningful service.  And tell your friends.