February 21, 2013

Conferences matter in the growth and development of our lives as faithful followers of Jesus.  Choose well.  So many conferences are offered now that it is hard to choose which one and which emphasis.  No person can attend them all and most can only attend one or two a year.  Conferences help to supplement the regular and routine diet of the ordinary means of grace that God gives to us through the church.  They are no substitute for the regular means of grace but they are a necessary supplement.  Conferences can be used of God not only to strengthen us in areas that we need strengthening, they can also stimulate us in those places where we can grow weary in well doing. 

I am about to make a drive south to Orlando for one of my favorites.  It is even more special this year for two reasons: my sweet wife is going with me and I will attend it with answered prayers.  I went to my very first Ligonier Conference about a decade back.  I was smitten and taken.  I could not believe the quality of what I was hearing.  It was intravenous teaching of the finest sort.  I was drinking in every line and chewing on every word.  It was a fabulous feast of some of the best teaching I had ever heard.  I could not get enough.  Never left the location of the conference and ate as fast as I could just to get back for more.  I remember that first year when I prayed for others from our church family to come and now this year, five families are making the trek south for this fine feast of worship and teaching.  These are answered prayers. 

I had been to many conferences in the past.  None like this one.  My usual pattern was to go to a couple of sessions, get bored to tears and then off to play golf.  Conference time turned recreation time fast.  And then I found Ligonier with R.C. Sproul, Steve Lawson, Mark Dever, Sinclair Ferguson, Ligon Duncan and I became quickly like a dehydrated man with a case of water.  I couldn’t drink it in fast enough.  So, I am excited about the little journey today and the large feast that awaits over the next few days.  Yum, yum.