Worship Preparation for December 20

December 17, 2020

John 11 records for us what many consider the final, climactic episode in the life and ministry of Jesus.  It will be soon after this time when Jesus will move away from HIs public ministry in the world to gather HIs disciples to HImself to give them final instructions about who they are to be in the world before He departs from the world.  It is more than interesting that the last "I Am" saying given in His public ministry is this one:  He announces that He is the only one who can bring real life here and now and victory over death forever.  He is telling us that He is the embodiment and expression of real love that brings genuine hope which ignites a lively faith.  Let's gather at the home of Mary and Martha and at the grave of Lazarus and listen this Sunday to what Jesus has to say to us.  See you this Sunday on the fourth and final Sunday of Advent.