Nursery Volunteer Schedule

March 6, 2013

  • March 3 -- Carol Keen, Nancy Pearce, Sheron Thigpen, Kim Woods, Molly Banks, Skip & Sandy Stewart, Lori Springer
  • March 10 -- Julie Daniel, Carrie Godfrey, Melanie Powell, Lisa Brown, Nikki Lever, Mark & Sandra Quick, Michelle Olver
  • March 17 -- Lynne Seeger, Schylea & Paul Williams, Debbie Register, Marie Murray, Lester & Caroline Post, Tyson Post
  • March 24 -- Jamie & Mallory Smith, Candi Partridge, Cristin Stephens, Hazel Lee, Becky Phillips, Betsy Veldboom
  • March 31 -- Wes & Robin Ford, Sandy Baulos, Melinda Johnson, Johnny & Janine Christian, Lane Christian
You are a blessing to this ministry!  If you are unable to be here during your scheduled time & cannot find anyone to fill in for you, please contact Kim Boothe.
706-551-3955 or