WMU News

January 10, 2012

Isaiah 55: 10-11

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One of the greatest blessings God has given me is His allowing me to see how He has been working in my life during the last ten years to prepare me for my recent journey to the Pacific Rim. During annual WMU conferences I met missionaries returning from the mission field and was introduced to the importance of praying for our missionaries. Then, after attending a session on Prayer Walking I knew within my heart that this was where God wished for me to serve. He then took me to Tunisia where a love for the Muslim women was birthed and since then, I truly have never been the same. When I look into the eyes of these women, I see pain and hurt. I know their only true hope comes from God and there is joy and peace available to them. We are not allowed to openly witness to them but the power of prayer is there for us to claim.

On another mission in Malaysia we were working with the Malay people group. The Malay number 6 million and of that number only 30 are identified as Christians. This may seem overwhelming but we are told that with Him all things are possible. Each day we would journey to a different area praying as we traveled and prayer walking as we reached a community.

God has allowed me to Prayer Walk Tunisia on 5 occasions, Kenya twice, and Malaysia this year. With each journey He has revealed more of Himself to me and I have been allowed to see Him at work in dark places. He is so visible there and I am able to see Him in a way that is not possible here. In each place, Divine appointments were scattered throughout our days affirming His presence. Oh what a blessing!!!

Recently, in thinking about mission opportunities we'll have in the coming year a quote from Randy Sprinkler from his book, Follow Me spoke to me: "Just as we must begin each day with a closed door and an open Bible, so must we follow by closing the Bible and opening the door." What door is He preparing you to open?

Carolyn Junkin