Fear and Faith - WMU

November 3, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to attend the WMU's October Executive Board Meeting at Pinnacle Resort Center in Clayton. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and reflection as we spent time together surrounded by His beautiful creation.

Joining us for the week-end were the parents and grandparents of our missionaries stationed throughout the world. They gather at Pinnacle twice a year to encourage, support and share with one another as well as be ministered to by those praying for their families.

We gathered in the chapel Friday night to say farewell to those we had lost during the year and to lift prayers to the Savior we serve. I felt so humbled to be worshiping with them knowing that they have and will experience a relationship of Faith so different from mine. The theme flowing throughout the night was "Fear and Faith". Their tears were evidence of the Fear they felt for their families but their smiles were evidence of the Faith they drew from our God. As we approach the holidays, won't you remember to pray for those serving away from home and the families they have left behind?

What a mighty God we serve!