Women's Retreat Request: Guess Who?

January 21, 2012

If you attended the WEM retreat last year, you remember the "Guess Who" game we played on Saturday night. We are looking for true, embarrassing and funny stories that have actually happened to someone. This story should be unknown to most of the ladies attending the retreat! So, if you have a story don't share it with anyone but Melinda Johnson or Tabatha Adkins.

If you didn't attend the retreat but are going this year this is how the game goes... For each story we use, there will be three ladies as the guests on the game show "Guess Who". Only one of the guests is the real owner of their story. The story will be told and the panel of judges will ask questions before giving their guess as to who the story is really about. If you think you have a story that would be worthy of "Guess Who" and don't mind everyone laughing with you about how embarrassing life can be, please contact Melinda or Tabatha.