Devoted to Israel - Murray Tilles

January 22, 2012

Murray Tilles, director of Light of Messiah Ministries in Atlanta, GA, is a Jewish believer originally from North Carolina. He was born and raised in a traditional Conservative Jewish home. Murray has been a believer for more than 32 years accepting his Messiah at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill where he graduated in 1982 with his degree in Economics. He has been a missionary to the Jewish people for more than twenty years, spending six years as a staff worker with the ministry of Jews for Jesus.

Since 1992, Light of Messiah Ministries has been bringing the message of Jesus to the Jewish community of Atlanta and the southeast. Unfortunately, most Jewish people do not understand who Jesus really is. Jewish people think that Jesus is the "Christian god." To a Jewish person, Jesus is the one to whom Christians look to find spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment. Most Jewish people do not understand that Jesus truly is the Jewish Messiah who came in fulfillment of the ancient Jewish prophecies.