Prayer Requests and Praises
Mar 13, 2018
Prayer Request Please keep Jeff Johnson in your prayers as he was taken to the hospital in Dublin, GA this afternoon. He was suffering from a severe headache and his blood pressure was elevated. The CT scan was clear and the hospital is keeping him overnight. Jeff has suffered from migraines in the past. Please keep Jeff and Melinda in your thoughts and prayers as they determine the issue and a path forward on diagnosing the issue and medicine needed to heal Jeff.
Mar 10, 2018
Please be in prayer for Tommy’s sister Jackie McIlwain. She is currrently in the neuro ICU at Augusta University (MCG always to me) on life support. She has been having problems for the past month and was admitted at Doctors twice with no information other than telling them she has early onset dementia. The past week she has declined drastically unable to eat drink or even walk. The doctors here know she has Encephalitis but do not know the origin at this time. Thanks in advance for your prayers. Love y’all Bonnie Powell
Feb 09, 2018
Please keep my dad Weymouth Betts in your prayers. He contracted the flu and is currently being admitted to University Hospital with Respiratory complications. Thanks Bonnie
Feb 07, 2018
Please be in prayer for a co-worker of mine here in the ER. She contracted the flu earlier in the week. Unfortunately she coded last night and remains of life support. Speaking with her husband things are not very good. Tiffany Osborne is her name. She does have underlying medical conditions that exacerbated her flu exposure. Thanks in advance for the prayers I know you will lift up for her and her family. Please pray for my ER family as well. This has struck everyone very hard. Tiffany is 38 years old and not something we would expect. This has come as shock to my ER family. Thanks Bonnie
Feb 03, 2018
The funeral for 94-year old, former FBC Member Mr. Walter White was held today at Green Acres Baptist Church in Athens Georgia. He is survived by his wife, Martha of 755 Epps Bridge Parkway, Athens GA 30606. If you have any questions please call Bo Hogan 706-554-2015
Nov 28, 2017
Please keep Robin Ford and her family in your prayers as they are caring for her mother who is not doing well.
Nov 19, 2017
Please Pray for Melanie Powell and her family as she mourns the death of her mother today.
Oct 25, 2017
Please keep Emily Young in your prayers! She presented to the ER this afternoon. She will probably be admitted here at University. Her daughter is with her and asking for prayers. Emily was smiling as always Bonnie
Oct 13, 2017
Join us in praises on behalf of Lori Springer, nicely recovering at home, who received her CLEAR pathology report today!
Sep 27, 2017
UPDATE on Norton Family from Denny Mack: "Update on Norton girls: they may all go home tomorrow. All in good spirits amazingly. They are pretty sure Rilyn a few broken bones in neck but doctors think they will heal. Will be in a neck brace for about 6 weeks. Shannon and Maisy have broken pelvis and Shannon has broken bones in lower back and Maisy and broken arm. Saylor has no broken bones and they are pretty sure she will be fine. Although traumatized I'm sure, praising God with them and for them. Scott will need plenty of prayers as well. He is one of the strongest faith warriors I know but he needs for us to lift him up."