Prayer Requests and Praises
Nov 20, 2016
Please pray for MaryLynn and Tommy Edenfield who have traveled to Duke University hospital to assess if Tommy would be a good candidate for experimental therapies and medical trials. Specifically Marylynn requests prayer for the wisdom to make the right decision.
Nov 15, 2016
Please keep Karla Johnson and her family in your prayers tonight as they mourn the death of her dear father, Mr. Jim Hicks, earlier this evening.
Nov 05, 2016
Please continue to pray for Jim Hicks (Karla Johnson's Dad). He had hip surgery on Wednesday, suffered multiple strokes, and is now in a coma.
Oct 14, 2016
Rob is out of surgery. Everything went well. He is sleeping right now. We should be going home in about an hour. Thank you for all of the prayers. Michelle Olver
Oct 14, 2016
Rob will have surgery on his shoulder at about 10:30 on Friday, October 14. Pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
Oct 06, 2016
Please say a prayer for Jeff Bumgardner's little girl. Jeff is the Worship Leader at North Augusta Baptist Church. She was at church and lost her sight and then became unresponsive. She went into emergency surgery where she had a brain bleed and a huge tumor. She was in surgery for hours. She's 10 years old her name is Ella! Please say a prayer for her! In Jesus name, please touch her Lord.
Sep 27, 2016
Great News from our Baptist Partners in S. Africa: "PRAISE! THEY GOT SEED IN LESOTHO! Delivery in progress (in the RAIN! YAY!) as we speak! Thanks for praying for seed for the Basotho people! Ask now that as they receive this gift from God, that they will be open to receiving His Ultimate Gift - His Son!"
Sep 27, 2016
Tori is a friend of Rhett's from Camp Tattnall. She and a friend were in a car accident yesterday. Here is info: "Update on Tori Blocker: Was life flighted to memorial hospital after a collision with a canochee power truck. Tori was sedated for the ride but tracked with her eyes upon arriving at Memorial. Terri and Adrian are parents names. Also, say a prayer for Diana Wasson who was also in car with Tori. Tori has a fractured pelvis, blood on her brain and collapsed lung & intubated. Diana has a fractured jaw." Tori attends school at Pinewood Academy.
Sep 26, 2016
UPDATE on Lesotho Prayer request: "UPDATE - the folks in Lesotho got a hold of the seed distributor, who originally promised 2 tons today, now it's 5 tons tomorrow, still short of what they need. KEEP PRAYING! In other seed news, the hunt for the right kind of seed for a project in Madagascar is on as we speak. PRAY for the right contacts, the desired amounts of seed, and the transport necessary to get it where it needs to go before planting season is over"
Sep 22, 2016
From Baptist Partners serving in S.African region: "ATTENTION PRAYER WARRIORS! Partners in Lesotho write: "The shipment of seed that we ordered was not delivered as promised and the dealer is not returning our emails. The people continue to plow in hopes of somehow acquiring seed. Will you PRAY that God intervenes and brings hope to the mountain Basotho?" Knees down, y'all!