Prayer Requests and Praises
Aug 07, 2017
Just wanted to send out an update on my dad. His cath procedure went well this morning and no blockage was found, but he does have a very weak heart that is not pumping his blood like it should. They are keeping him in the hospital at least another night. My parents are doing well, but just have a lot of unanswered questions right now. Thank you for continuing to pray for them. -Cristin Stephens
Aug 06, 2017
Please pray for my dad, as he was admitted to University Hospital last night. He went to the doctor yesterday because he has been having irregular heartbeats and dizziness. The doctor performed tests and sent him directly to the hospital. He had an echocardiogram and stress test today that confirmed the irregularities. They are keeping him in the hospital until they can figure out the issue. Thank you! -Cristin Stephens
Aug 03, 2017
Nikki Lever: No tumor or cyst. PTL. Took more blood work to look for zoster virus markers. Doing a caratoid? Doppler on neck (will be scheduled) and anti seizure med for nerve pain and numbness. More answers next week. For now I'm thankful not tumor.
Jul 31, 2017
From Nikki Lever: I'm so thankful for those moments that I call kisses from Heaven. I had a test ran today. I was anxious, although I had prayed and asked the Lord to help me be brave. I have terrible veins, and they love to play hide and seek. While the nurse was looking for a vein for contrast, she could tell that I was anxious. I said, "Lord, please let her find a vein." She said, "let's pray." She and one of the techs held my hands and prayed over me. I felt God's peace wash over me. She then told me when I got in the machine to think of my fave hymns. The staff did get a vein, I became calm, and had the words to What A Friend We Have in Jesus; Jesus, Sweetest Name I know; and Take Me Back. I also had the verse from Psalm, When I am afraid, I will trust in Thee. I am feeling much better today (except for the steroids) and the numbness has stopped. God is faithful.
Jul 30, 2017
Eric took me to the ER last night bc my right side of face on cheek was numb, blurred vision, hearing muffled, and burning ear pain. Thank God, its not stroke. CT was clear. The Dr there believes Acute trigeminal neuralgia. Have to have mri tomorrow morning to see what's going on around that nerve. The neuralgia could be from Shingles virus or bells palsy etc. Gave me anti vitals and large dose of steroids to treat for those . Please pray.
Jun 22, 2017
From Al and Anne Wright: Please lift up the Jones family once again as we've just been informed that Mrs. Kay Jones has been rushed to the hospital having suffered what is believed to be a massive stroke. She is either at University or on her way.
Jun 06, 2017
From Tracey and Fred Reeves: "... Cody woke up complaining about his ribs hurting, ...As the day wore on the pain grew worse. After deciding to take him to the ER, the CT scan showed an inflamed pancreas????!? Now I'm sitting here by his bed waiting for a transport to MCG Children's Hospital. I'm too shocked to cry, but I'm trusting God with all my might! Thank you for your prayers"
May 13, 2017
Please keep Gail Tootle in your prayers. She will be having a Cardiovascular stress test on Monday, May 15. We praise the Lord for His healing.
Mar 31, 2017
After a long, exhausting day of travel, Brian, Cristin and the kids have arrived safely. They are grateful for the continued prayers from our church family.
Mar 30, 2017
Thank you family for your love, prayers,concern and being part of our lives. Thank you for the cards and food. You are wonderful. In love, Nina