Prayer Requests and Praises
Aug 24, 2012
Regarding the services for Mrs. Browning: Address for Towns Funeral Home is 115 Lucille Ave., Alamo, GA. Funeral services will be held at Glenwood Baptist Church - 42 3rd St., Glenwood, GA. Flowers or memorials to the church may be sent. Mailing address for memorials is Glenwood Baptist Church P.O. Box 536 Glenwood, GA 30428
Aug 23, 2012
Please keep Jean and her family in prayer as they mourn the loss of her sweet Mother, Ms. Jewel Browning. Visitation for Mrs. Browning will be Friday evening from 6-8 at Towns Funeral Home in Alamo, Ga. The funeral is Saturday at 11:00 in Glenwood.
Aug 21, 2012
Update from Karla Johnson ""And though my heart is torn, I will praise you in the storm". A BIG THANKS for all of you that have been lifting my family up during this time with my Mom. My sister and I talked my Dad into moving into an Assisted Living Home (a miracle in and of itself). My sister called today and there was one room just for them! We will be moving them in Labor Day weekend and saying goodbye to my childhood home forever. Mom has shown some improvement since Friday when I first got to SC. Please continue to lift up both my parents especially during this move in 2 weeks!"
Aug 21, 2012
From Nikki and Eric Lever: Heaven is such a beautiful place this morning, as two of the sweetest people I have known in my life are sitting at the feet of the Lord Jesus singing praises with the angel chorus. Holy is the Lord. Please pray first for the family of Mrs. Faye Wylds. Mrs. Faye went to be with the Lord yesterday morning after suffering much over the last 14 years, first the loss of her son, Todd, and then she became very sick and bedridden 5 years ago. I saw her husband, John Lawton Wylds, show the love of a Godly Husband as he cared and nurtered her. He truly modeled loving his wife as Christ loves the church. He is an example of mercy and grace in human skin. Next, please pray for our family as we also grieve the loss of Eric's Uncle Curtis Epps. Curtis went to be with the Lord early this morning after suffering with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Eric's Aunt Brenda has been right by his side, loving and caring for her husband. She, also, has been a true example of love and grace, not only as she cared for her husband, but for many years as she has ministered to hurting women. I love all of these people dearly and though I am sad and my heart breaks, I KNOW I will see them again, and I thank God for placing these two wonderful, loving people into my life for reasons and seasons. God, thank You for Your promises and Your peace that passes human understanding. For Your presence that warms our hearts and cradles us. As Your Word says "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." (Ps. 116:15).
Aug 18, 2012
Please keep Karla Johnson and her family in prayer as they seek answers to her mother's health problems and decide on longer term care options for her mother and father.
Aug 16, 2012
Please continue to lift our families up in prayer.  The Powell's have declined greatly over the past 2 weeks.  Nana is now having to have round the clock sitters stay with them.  We have been fortunate to find someone to sit during the day but Tommy and I are having to take on the task of sitting at night.  Tommy is staying with them on the nights that I have to work to go to work the next day.  I then stay on my off days.  This leaves no time for the 3 of us to spend anytime together as a family in the evening.    My Sister's husband has just been diagnosed with Transitional Carcinoma of the Kidney.  The prognosis is unclear at this time other than they will remove his kidney and perhaps his bladder.  The cancer has infected 2/3 of his right kidney.    Our son Christopher is possibly deploying for Afghanistan in December this is all up in the air with the Army.  Both Lena Marie and Christopher are struggling with losing a grand parent. Christopher feels especially helpless being located across the ocean.   With the loss of Peggy (Tommy's sister) and Faye (my dad's wife) and my brothers recent illness things just feel like they are getting heavier and heavier. Tommy and I covet all your prayers during this time.  I know His word tells us that He will never put more on us than we can handle but sometimes things just feel as if the world is crashing down upon us.
Aug 15, 2012
From Missionaries John and Donna Bearden: "Please put us in your prayers. We just found out today our tourist card and Visa will not cover us but for 30 days. This means we will have to leave the country every 30 days and then return. Pray the IED will be able to help us with this matter and there will be a simple solution. We just got started. God is not finished with us and this ministry here yet. I know He is in control. This would just be very expensive for us."
Aug 15, 2012
Congratulations to Carol and Jesse Palmer who, along with daughter Nan and husband Brad Lynch, welcome their new baby girl, Perrin Marie Lynch born yesterday evening @5 p.m. Sweet baby Perrin is 7lbs and 1 whole ounce!
Aug 09, 2012
From Shari Priest "I would like to request prayer for my finances that God would give me direction and wisdom on how to get out of debt and for my husbands health. Thank You and God Bless."
Aug 07, 2012
From Jean Barefield: "Thank you so much for praying for Mother (Jewell Browning). We were so blest to have her surgeon pray with us for her and the procedure….the surgery went very well. She is progressing very slowly and still has many challenges. I think my eye (torn retina) is slowly improving and will see Dr. today to confirm that. Thank you for your prayers and love. Jean"