We desire to be intentionally missional in all that we are and do. Being missional is far different than being mission minded. The latter can be reduced to financial giving in support of missionaries; the former is being faithful to God in obedience to His command to be about the work of making disciples wherever we are.

We understand Acts 1:8 to be about something far more important than geographical progression, i.e.; we go first to our Jerusalem and the to our Judea etc. We hear the risen Jesus calling us through that verse to go with passion and purpose to proclaim the Gospel so as to see sinners saved and disciples developed wherever we are, and we sincerely believe that it means that are to go.

So, we so we speak of missions at our church in terms of our indirect involvement through our support of the various Southern Baptist Convention entities to which we are connected; and we speak of missions in our church through our direct involvement with people in places to which we are going and seeking to do the work that God has called us to do.

You will find below those places and people with whom we are involved both indirectly and directly.

Hospice Bucket Project

Baptist Global Response (BGR) has found that sharing a five-gallon ‘bucket of love’ may be the most effective way to open doors to share the love of Christ with these folks who are at death’s door. Find out more